Lofttan love starts early!


Talk about accessing your inner designer, these two have thrown away the rule book. Rulebook, wait, we don’t have one at Lofttan. These Lofttan Girls piled on so many Lofttan Strands, hooking them together with Lofttan Hardware; we don’t know how they managed to stand up, especially in those big girl shoes. But like women everywhere, they did! Head to toe, these fashion divas are ready to step out.


The are endless. A basic set of 3 Lofttan Strands and 1 set of Lofttan Hardware, gives you a minimum of 12 different looks!  And we are finding that women are besting us on this. They are finding different ways to wear them that we haven't even thought of!


So go ahead.  Play. Lofttan. Love Yours Everyday


Footnote...what happened later?…when the photo shoot was over, and no one was looking, these Lofttan Girls were right back at it, every bracelet, different sizes of Lofttan Hardware, large and small connecting Lofttan Strands that hung to their knees. And the lipstick… more than we would wear in a week! Fearlessly Proud Designers. No wrong way to Get their Lofttan On!