Before all the memories of Christmas past are completely buried under yet another winter storm, we wanted to share a tender story inspired by giving the gift of Lofttan.

NPD manufactures pest control products and equipment. Lofttan is a secondary business, launched the last quarter of 2013 and is completely unrelated and seemingly incongruent with the product lines developed by NPD.

We have a part-time staff member who helps us out manufacturing the pest control equipment when he isn’t at his full-time job.

When Stew saw the Lofttan Collection that is now being handcrafted by NPD, he became interested in purchasing a Lofttan Strand for his girlfriend for Christmas.

Lofttan Flower

This is Michelle’s story about her Christmas gift.

“This Christmas was filled with memorable moments I will never forget. One night I will remember forever was that of exchanging gifts with an amazing man I've had the pleasure of having in my life for a couple months now.

After working a few long shifts as a registered nurse over Christmas, I headed home in the winter wonderland, looking forward to a few days of relaxation and quality time with family and friends.

On December 27 my boyfriend Stew and I exchanged Christmas gifts while updating each other about our past work week and making plans for the holidays. We hadn't given each other ideas for Christmas but instead exchanged gifts that we had purchased with the information we had gathered about each other after such a short time of getting to know one another.

Previous to this moment Stew had informed me that he made something for me at work. But knowing the job background, I couldn't imagine what he meant. Working at NPD creating pest control equipment wasn't exactly a vibe I thought I had given off for an ideal Christmas gift Id use, but I rest assured he knew what he had in mind!

Stew has always been a man of surprises always derived from understanding and learning from precious moments shared together. I opened the tiny box labeled Lofttan. I picked up the shiny strand of crystal beads in astonishment. It was beautiful with large navy crystal beads separated by small green Swarovski crystal beads and a large sterling silver clasp easy to fasten; a necklace that could be worn with many outfits and was like no other I had seen. I could immediately see it had been put together with care and attention.

As I fastened it around my neck I discovered the versatility of the necklace and how even with the clasp at the front I had created a different look. When Stew told me this is what he made at work I inquired about the company and the owner. He further explained how he himself picked the colours shapes and sizes of the hardware and strung the beads together; fastening the appropriate end clips to ensure it was complete.

Lofttan and Unforgettable Gift Giving

After researching more about Lofttan, I found out more about the companies collections and ways to alter and individualize each strand for a desired look. I was furthermore amazed at the time and precision Stew had taken to personally make the strand; hand picking each bead and adding to a strand to make a gorgeous piece of jewelry. Receiving the Lofttan Strand was truly a memorable moment and a gift I will treasure.”

When Stew approached us with his request to actually be the one to handcraft Michelle’s gift, we were all surprised. We want you to imagine the stereotypical image most people have of a firefighter. And now he wanted to grapple with minuscule findings and beads to build an 18 inch Lofttan Strand!? But hey, if he thought he could do it, who were we to stand in the way of this man showing how much he truly cares. We wish the world was full of such unexpected pleasures!

Lofttan is a new jewelry collection that allows the wearer to personalize their look, as there are 22 strands of semi-precious stones from which to choose. What makes Lofttan truly unique is the ability to engage your own inner designer. And Stew certainly exercised this option!

NPD is a Simcoe County based business. NPD Products works with global solutions in mind. NPD supplies biodegradable products and integrated HE equipment to nine countries around the globe to industrial, commercial and retail markets. And now Lofttan!

Lofttan Flower